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India's Future


Cost is one of the major obstacles of education. Millions of children in India go through life without gaining a proper education due to parents sending children to work in an attempt to bolster and supplement the household income. As a consequence, the vicious cycle of poverty continues and is passed down to the next generation.

MAA realises this issue and has begun supporting children from disadvantaged families receive an education.

One such project is the Kosamda Dadri School located 30km north of Surat in the Indian state of Gujarat.  Kosamba is surrounded by smaller villages which are amongst India’s poorest and most underprivileged. The Dadri Madresa (school) Bage – Saadat is housed in a building with an area totalling 6000 square feet.  The Madresa and Orphanage was first established in 1976 with 15-20 pupils and currently accommodates over 550 pupils. The school provides lodging for 150 orphan boys and educational facilities to approximately 550 boys of the most underprivileged and orphaned of the district and its surrounds.