Gaza - 4 Ways to Help Now!


Gaza. To some, it is a political conflict, to others it is genocide, but no matter how you feel about it or what your thoughts are on the parties involved, no one can deny that it is an issue that needs to be resolved. We have all seen the headlines that scream “126 KILLED IN GAZA BOMBING” or the statistics that read ‘’OVER 60 CHILDREN DEAD IN GAZA”.
To put some perspective into things, let's understand what the Gaza strip is first. It is a small piece of land, 10km wide by 40km length that is home to 1.7 million people. Yes! And approximately 1.3 million of these Palestinians are dependent on humanitarian aid. Why, you ask? Well the reason is because of their unique situation, thanks to the blockade in place the past TEN years!
The air, land and sea blockade prevents Gazans from trade and business with the outside world or the rest of Palestine. It imposes severe restrictions on fishing and agriculture, resulting in over 60% unemployment and people suffering tremendously. This blockade entered its 10th year in June 2016.
We can't do anything about the politics other than pray for a quick resolution but there are other ways to actively help, now!
1) The easiest and most common method of assistance for the suffering people of Gaza is donations. Do some research and find out about organisations near you that are involved in aid work assisting the Palestinian people. Always check where the aid is going to and how it is getting there as there are REAL blockades that prevent aid getting to the intended recipients. Make sure you KNOW who you are donating to!
2) MAA is a 27 year old charity that is vigorously audited and registered with ACFID and ACNC in Australia. To find out more about what we are doing to ease the difficulties Palestinians are suffering in Gaza click here. This November, MAA is implementing a unique project where they will be transporting bags of Rice from Jordan to Gaza to help combat this crisis and help make their lives a little easier. Each 5Kg bag of rice costs just $10 and we’re aiming to provide 13,360 bags to help our brothers and sisters. If you'd like to make a life-saving donation, please click here.
3) If you do not have the funds yourself or want to do more, then take the initiative and collect funds from within your friends and family circle and donate it to an organization like MAA or send it directly to the needy if you know how to reach them! Recently, Yasmeen from Melbourne did just that. In her quest to raise funds for the renovations of damaged Gaza civilian homes, $2,130 was raised in the space of 2 weeks solely from Facebook donations. As a special gesture during Eid, they took a small amount from this and helped 55 families with a kilogram of fresh meat each and gave them something to smile about!
4) If monetary donations are not in the list of ways you can help, raising awareness is another way you can bring the conflict into the spotlight. Using free social media tools such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, let the voices of the Palestinian children be heard through your words. Collectively, we can make our voices so loud, no-one can ignore the conflict and this will encourage donations!
Whatever your method of choice, know that you can make a difference. Hopefully, when the time comes for the conflict to be over, the Palestinian people will know, you aided them in their time of need. Keep in touch with our work at