MAA: Your S.M.A.R.T Charity


By Vinie Widiasari 

At MAA, we regularly emphasise that we are a S.M.A.R.T Charity. Do you know what this means?

S represents MAA’s iSlamic Values such as honesty.
M symbolises our dedication to Monitoring our projects on a regular basis.
A highlights our commitment to Accountability.
R focuses on our obligation of Reporting.
T stands for Transparency.

All these attributes help us make what we are -  a leading global NGO.

Our SMART solutions summarises our holistic approach to integrating aid programmes with people, natural resources, soil, environment, constructions and living systems based on ethical principles that work with nature as opposed to working against it. 

For MAA, that means we work smarter, not harder. Our next level projects create a world of difference while our sustainable solutions ensure that not only are your donations benefitting the short term crisis but are creating long term sustainability and community resilience. To find out more about our smart and sustainable solutions, visit us at