Qurban 2016 - Make your donation work harder and smarter!

Written by Vinie Widiasari

It is that time of year again! The time of year where we, as Muslims, perform Qurban. We do this year after year but do we know why?

Qurban – What is it?

Qurban is an animal sacrifice performed to commemorate the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and his total obedience and submission to Allah when given a command. It celebrates his willingness to sacrifice everything to please the Almighty. Once the Qurban meat is sacrificed a portion of it must be kept for charity and the rest can be divided among family, relatives or for individual consumption. One can also distribute the entire meat for charity, this would be highly recommended. 
While there are still people who perform the Qurbani themselves, many of us don’t have the capabilities to do this on our own. This may be due to lack of access to animals, lack of opportunity due to travel or sickness or because of not knowing the proper steps to complete the sacrifice as per Islamic guidelines. It may even be illegal in your country, state or city to slaughter an animal without the use of an abattoir. Whatever the reason may be, this leaves many Muslims no choice but to donate their Qurban to a trusted organization. 

Donating Qurban:

Donating your Qurban means feeding more destitute and needy with your Qurban which, In sha Allah, means more rewards for your sacrifice! Secondly, if you do it with an organization like MAA, it also means you are trusting your Qurban to an organization that adheres to the strictest Islamic principles and guidelines related to Qurban. 

MAA Qurban Options:

Many of us have seen the ads for Qurban donations in this season. They all have varying costs due to various reasons. For example, the country the Qurban is performed in, the costs involved with the processing and distribution of the meat and the admin fees (if any), involved with the donation all reflect on the price you pay for your Qurban.
At Muslim Aid Australia this year, we have two Qurban options. 
1) The Fresh Qurban for $100 per share will mean the sacrifice and distribution is implemented locally in 36 countries. The countries span Asia, Africa, Europe, Pacific Islands, and the Middle East. Visit bit.ly/FreshQurban to donate now. 
2) The Ready-to-Eat Qurban SMART option for $145 helps us distribute 50 pouches of nutritious, cooked meat, each of 500g to the Syrian refugees who are struggling to survive without proper food. Click bit.ly/SyriaQurban to donate now. 
Did you know that MAA is a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)? Also, as an ATO deductible gift recipient (DGR) all donations are 100% tax deductible. If you are planning to donate your Qurban, rest assured you are in the right place so go ahead with full confidence!
Visit bit.ly/FreshQurban OR bit.ly/SyriaQurban to donate now.