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Virtual Reality Setup

360 Degree Experience

Visit the Android or Apple App Store

Install the Google Cardboard demo and scan the QR code (two-dimensional barcode) for your headset during setup. A later step will cover the generation of a custom QR code for your device. If you do not have one, leave it as default for now. The QR codes reference lens profiles for the headsets that correct for barrel distortion, field of view, and interpupillary distance (IPD).

Turn on the google cardboard demo and place the smartphone in the headset so the center line is under the vertical dividing plate in the headset and the image is centered top to bottom in the viewer. locate the lens focusing mechanism and figure out how to operate it. Look into the headset making sure the lenses are horizontally aligned with your eyes. Now focus the lenses in and out until the the sharpest image with a good field of view is achieved.


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