Imagine if you had no house, no place you could call "home", and you lived with a dream that the next big move up for your family was to a mud house of your own - an upgrade from the slums, straw hut or plastic ground-sheet shelter you've inhabited for the last decade.

Every human being needs a place to live - without the safety of a home, poverty and its affects damage all aspects of a family and community’s life and their future prosperity.

Operational Ethos:

To help build the lives of those in poverty and re-build those affected by disaster, MAA builds emergency shelters and permanent houses for those in needs in the short term and long term.

Case study – Rebuilding Pakistan:

Muslim Aid Australia partnered with local NGO, the Rural Health and Development Foundation to build 50 solid weather protected houses for the families most affected.Over 400 people benefitted from the construction of these houses. Among the beneficiaries were the disabled, orphans, and windows.

Zuleiga, 73 -“Muslim Aid Australia really helped us by constructing homes for us, and now we are safe from extreme weather conditions.”