SDA - Permaculture to End Poverty

What if there was no hunger in this world? What if everyone grew enough highly nutritious organic food in order to sustain themselves and their communities?

We have the solution! PERMACULTURE!

Permaculture is a design science that develops sustainable life systems that are regenerative and self-maintained.
Permaculture consists of developing a holistic solution which integrates water, energy, shelter, ethics, climate, and aquaculture to build a sustainable eco-system.This sustainable eco-system can be implemented in almost any climate and terrain.

Here's a list of our Current Permaculture Projects:

Jordan - Greening the Desert Part 2

MAA is currently funding a demonstration site in the Jordan Valley to educate students and highlight the methods used to grow organic produce in dry desert areas.

Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan - Grey-Water Treatment and Growing Produce with Limited Space

MAA is the First NGO to launch a Permaculture educational project for treating Grey-Water to grow organic produce for Syrian Refugees in the #Zaatari Refugee Camp. Once fully operational this project may be given the green light to be used throughout the entire camp to create a SMART Sustainable food source, inshaAllah.

Due to the severe water shortages in the camp, growing fruit and vegetables are not permitted. However by utilising Sustainable Permaculture design methods of treating grey-water and growing produce in a sustainable way, we are able to substantially reduce the amount of water intake and yield highly nutritional fruit and vegetables without the use of pesticides.

Fiji and Vanuatu - Permaculture Development Site

MAA is currently in the process of developing a Permaculture site to educate locals on the methods of utilising Permaculture to build a sustainable eco-system to combat food and water shortages currently being faced.
We urge you to support this sustainable initiative to help eradicate poverty.