Ramadan Appeal - Break the Cycle


It's the most important time of the year and it's a time where the whole Muslim world comes together to change themselves and to make a positive difference in the lives of others. With the infinite rewards we can all gain during Ramadan we all must strive to do our best for those less fortunate.

This Ramadan MAA plans to expand on the work we do by helping families Break the Cycle of Poverty.

Alhamdulillah to feed someone and bring a smile to their faces is an unbelievable feeling, but to help someone Break the Cycle of Poverty is something we should all strive to do.

That's why this Ramadan, we'll be using $10 from every Smart Food Pack you donate to provide a long-term sustainable solution towards Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in someone’s life.

Help reach over 35 countries around the world through Muslim Aid Australia.

1  Afghanistan 11  Iraq 21  Pakistan  31  Togo
2  Bangladesh 12  Jordan 22  Palestine 32  Tonga
3  Cambodia 13  Kazakhstan 23  Philippines 33  Turkey
4  Chad 14  Kenya 24  Samoa 34  Uganda
5  Ethiopia 15  Kyrgyzstan 25  Solomon Island 35  Vanuatu
6  Fiji 16  Lebanon 26  Somalia 36  Yemen
7  Ghana 17  Malawi 27  South Africa    
8  Greece 18  Myanmar 28  Sri Lanka    
9  India 19  Niger 29  Sudan    
10  Indonesia 20  Nigeria 30  Syria